Choosing The Best Paints.

It is very important to choose the right paints in order to create something good .if  the appropriate paints are not used ,  it will be difficult to achieve the desired results.Your selection of paints should be based on your personality and basically what you are going to paint. There are various types of paints in the market to choose from such as watercolour paints , acrylic paints ,oil paints but all of them  have their pros and cons.




1. It dries very quickly.

2.Once dried can be over painted.

3.Brushes can be washed in water when wet .

4.It is water resistant.

5.It is non toxic.


1.Dries very fast.

2.Hard to remove from the brush if it dries on it.

3.Cannot be rewet once the paint has dried.




1.Vibrant rich colour is retained even after it dries.

2.Can be over painted.

3.Dries slowly.


1.Extremely  slow drying.

2.Thinned with oils or solvents which are toxic.

3.Brushes cannot be cleaned with normal water solvents  or oils are required.

4.Very expensive paints.




1.It is water soluble.

2.They are cheap.

3.Brushes cleaned with water.

4.Paint can be lifted off by rewetting.

5.If paint squeezed from a tube has dried, it becomes reusable if you add water.


1.Colours become lighter once they dry.

2.Making corrections is difficult as it is quite transparent.

To kṇow  which paint works best for you , you have to try hem all. You’ll soon get to know whether you enjoy working with it and if it is giving you the desired results . The difference between what you think your painting should look like and how it actually looks could be overcome by experience as you acquire more painting technique and skill.

If you like different things about different paints, you could mix them together and then you’ll be working with what’s called mixed media.

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