DAY-1 Stitching: A tube top. ( In 3 simple steps )


Things required:

1.Fabric –  Sky blue and white polka dot  cotton material. -1 metre

2.Matching thread

3.Tailors chalk

4.Tailors measuring tape






STEP – 1

Taking the measurement


Measure the length  of the bodice (body) i.e. the length of the top. Next measure around the upper part of the bust and divide it by 4. Measure around your bust and divide it by 4. Measure below your bust  and divide by 4. Measure around your waist and divide by 4. Measure around your hip and and again divide by 4.

NOTE: This measurement is for one half of the front side of the top .



Marking and cutting of the cloth

Mark the above measurements on the cloth with the help of a tailors chalk. Double the cloth on which the markings have been made and cut it out leaving at least 1 inch extra cloth for the stitching and fitting. This will give you the front part of the top. Cut out the back with the help of the already cut out part for the front. Now  measure the length of the frill (about 4-5 inches) and cut a long strip of fabric. For the back cut the fabric vertically from the centre . You should now have two pieces for the back, one piece for the front and one long strip of cloth for the frill . 

NOTE: Remember to use the length of the cloth for length and the breadth of the cloth for breadth while marking the material.



Stitching the tube top

 Put the back and front together and use pearl head pins to join the fabric together on the reverse side before stitching, this will avoid the slipping of the cloth. Now stitch the back and front together. Add the zip to the back . Secure the frill to the top  with the pins once you have obtained the desired amount of frills. Now stitch it to the top. Add pearls to cover the stitching of the frill and at last the top is ready!!!!!!!!!


My experience:

Stitching a top all by myself for the first time has been an all new experience, it was a total trial and error method that has proved to be a brick added to my confidence making it a stronger foundation than I ever thought. I have not only learnt to stitch but grasped many technicalities of stitching. At first on trying on my top the fit was not so good, then on adding darts on the body of the top it gave a perfect fit. I was extremely happy to dress myself with one of my own creations and now I have one more attire to my summer collection. YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!


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