• It’s an intricate time taking art form.
  • It is done on a handmade sheet or any thick sheet. Just make sure you start painting on the rough side of the sheet. Colours will slip on the smooth side.
  • Traditionally, a special nib is used to draw lines with black ink in Madhubani art. However, a black marker pen can be used to draw the outline ( I would suggest you to use a water resistant pen ).
  • Acrylic colours are used the on paper. Round tip brushes are used to fill colours.




I had a lot of fun making this DIY madhubani painting. Although it was a little time taking due to the details but it  is worth the effort. It looks beautiful and I am definitely going to frame it.

book-3057904__340_edited_edited (14)

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  1. Just wow. Loved your painting 👌

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    1. Thank you so much!!!!


  2. Suze says:

    these are so complex and colorful. I love the “primitive” aspect to the style. Excellent job!

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    1. Thank you !!! I am glad you liked it..

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  3. masercot says:

    What kind of a sheet did you use?

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    1. I used yellow handmade paper.

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  4. ASH says:

    Most excellent!!

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    1. Thank you so much!!!


  5. lydiatheballerinist says:

    That must’ve taken a long time and a lot of effort – something I would never have patience for 😛
    It’s such an amazing piece of artwork!
    By the way – thanks for following!

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    1. Yes it did take a lot of time and effort but it was worth it…Thank you so much for visiting!!!

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  6. You are such a great artist! Wow

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