Tips on basic drawing

Drawing Lines

Lines are among the most important features of any drawing. Your ability to give position  to the lines you draw will greatly define your piece of work in one way or another. Start drawing with simple lines then give it depth and give intricate details on it once you are done with the rough sketch.

There are many types of lines you can draw

Straight Lines:


 Drawing straight lines will make you realise that there’s more to it than simple straight lines. You’ll understand the realism they seem to create when placed with each other in a certain distance and in a certain position. You’ll also understand how to  create a sketch that seems stagnant in one place.

Curved Lines:

th (1)

 Experiment with curved lines and you’ll realise that they can make your drawing look graceful. drawing dynamic characters such as a dancing figure and other things such as pots, hair , waves etc can be effectively achieved by drawing curved lines that will represent the movement of the body. This is beneficial especially when you want to draw illustrations or rough sketches or even the base sketch.You can also take notes and use it later.


Repeated lines:


 Combining some of the lines into a single pattern will give you a magical and desired result or even better than that you may have expected. You’ll discover that you can create an ocean when you draw straight lines parallel to one another. Similarly, a pattern of swirls also provides a different effect and usually represents the movement of the thing you are drawing. It can also give you different patterns that create different effects.

Shapes and Forms

 download (1)

Connecting your lines together will give you shapes. Whether they’re the basic 2-dimensional ones or 3-D ones  or unique ones that are a result of your creativity shapes essentially give your sketches the volume and depth they should have.

 th (2)

It’s like turning a stick figure into a something that symbolises a realistic figure. Shapes  give you the foundation of your sketch.


Understanding shapes is important because when combined together, they can form the foundations to a more complex drawing.  Everything you see in life can be drawn easily and properly when you understand that they can be visualised as various shapes put together.



You don’t have to be necessarily born with natural talent for drawing to create stunning art pieces. Understanding the way we can put lines and shapes together can help you create all you want.

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  1. Great post! And really helpful tips! I wish I were artistic but I’m afraid my drawing talent only go as far as stick figures lol

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    1. I believe no one is a born artist it comes by practising and playing around with lines and shapes! all you need is to have fun in whatever you make and don’t worry about the end result and who knows you may end up with a masterpiece!

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  2. These are great tips! Thank-you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you! for visiting!! I am glad you found it helpful.

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  3. OJ's Pride says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, at least we can learn a bit from this tips

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    1. Thank you for visiting I am happy you found it of some use….

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      1. OJ's Pride says:


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