In the silence of the day,
In the pain of the sorrow,
In the joy of the rain,
He stood by her in it all,
unknown to her,
He cared for it all,
He loved her in secret,
He said it all,
But in the silence of the day,
She could not hear him,
But he was there confessing it all.

My love your beauty is extravagant,
I have always been by your side,
Dont ever be sad..i promise..
In a moment i can make u mine..
My heart melts,
When you look into my eyes and smile,
In a moment im lost ,
And i wonder if you are already mine,
You laugh at my jokes and think im funny,
You cry at times…
But a look at me takes you away from this time,
My love we can be together forever,
Forever mine….

He said it all..
But still he never felt content,
Their love story was different and one of a kind,
He felt sad when she was sad ,
And stood up for her each time,
He wondered why she never told him she loved him,
Even though they spent so much time,
From the first thing she saw in the morning ,
To the last before she slept at night..
But he was merely a mirror indeed….
A magical mirror with a mind….

.by- Tracy Reid❤

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      1. Utkarsh Mahajan says:

        A heart touching 😍😍 story……
        Very nice talent….Miss talented😊

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  1. Love this…so imaginative! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. thank you so much for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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