A Million Miles Away.

A million miles away,
In a semi abandoned place.
Where  leaves are buried,
Under white white snow.

The days are cold,
With no peace in the air.
Dried trees telling stories,
Of the days of old.

Shadows dancing in the distance,
The feeling of something missing.
The same old day! The same old me!
Somethings changed? Or is it just me?

Then I recall, two cups of tea,
Which reciprocated my peace,
While sitting in my wooden house,
A house which reminds me of you and me.

And suddenly I see a flower approach me.
Oh its you!, you brought it for me.
We walk to the next room and admire,
Admire a new family doing up the room.

They moved in with furniture and everything new,
While I stood there unnoticed along with you.
Now all that’s left is a perished picture of us,
In an old album in the attic and our essence in these rooms.

 ©Tracy Joan Reid.

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