Ek Unkahi Kahaani. ( hindi poetry )

   Ek Unkahi Kahani.   Muh me zubaan , Prr hoton pe alfaaz nhi. Zehen me mere chupa magar , Hzaaron khwaab khi. Kehna tha bhut kuch, Prr keh na sake. Simtein hue the aasuo k saath, Mere hrr aisaas khi. Samajh na sake koi, Aisi mushkil me hu mai phasi. Aisa lagta hai ki…


“Let me be as a feather. Strong with purpose yet light at heart, able to bend. And, tho I might become frayed, able to pull myself together again.” – Anita Sams CREDIT: This painting has been made by my creative group and me. Bhavya Singh Priyamwada Gauri Dayal Tracy Reid   Words have enormous  power….

Tips on basic drawing

Drawing Lines Lines are among the most important features of any drawing. Your ability to give position  to the lines you draw will greatly define your piece of work in one way or another. Start drawing with simple lines then give it depth and give intricate details on it once you are done with the rough sketch….


DELICATELY BUFFED. Her silence is not her weakness, It is the stillness in the air, It is the calmness before the storm, The warning that is blared. She is all what is forbidden , She is all what is adored, She is one in a million or trillion, With  an awareness that glows. Don’t mistake…


Hi guys, who is in for some easy and tasty home made kiwi Popsicles. Today I am sharing a recipe that is so simple and easy to make and tastes really amazing. Doesn’t matter what season it is popsicles are always enjoyable if you have a taste for it. It takes me back to my…

Chilled watermelon drink

Hey guys I am back with another refreshing drink that is going to beat the summer heat. I tried it and it tasted amazing. You definitely wont regret giving it a try. A glass of this will surely keep you refreshed for the day. Chilled watermelon drink. Ingredients chopped seedless watermelon, Chilled 1/2 cup pomegranate…

Puppy with oil pastels.

Puppy with oil pastels. I was really excited to make this puppy with oil pastels. The original picture was made with oil paints but I thought of doing it with oil pastels to see how the end result would turn out. I think it looks just so cute and has turned out pretty well with…

Handmade cards for a special person called MOM.

Handmade card for a special person called MOM. This card is made using watercolour brush pens. It is very simple to make and looks really beautiful with minimum effort put into it. I have used stick on pearls for the border and a strip of peach paper tape at the bottom to complete it’s look….


200 Followers!!!! Hey everyone!!!! I cant believe I have reached 200 followers. Thank you one and all for liking my posts, commenting and following my blog and most importantly thank you for being a part of my blogging journey and helping me to overcome one milestone after the other.